The Baltimore City Property Tax: How much should it be cut?

The Baltimore City Property Tax: How much should it be cut?

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Almost everyone agrees that Baltimore City’s property tax rate – roughly twice that of any other jurisdiction in Maryland— is an obstacle to the city’s renewal and its efforts to attract new residents and create greater economic opportunity. What few can agree on, however, is how much the city needs to cut its tax rate to be competitive, how to achieve such cuts, and where they should be targeted. Current public policy offers tax breaks for developers to promote building. Critics say breaks should be extended to all residents. Still others say targeted rate cuts for families or newcomers or requiring nonprofits, who don’t pay property taxes, to start would encourage more people and businesses to move to the city. At the Maryland Policy Forum, we think the way to find the best public policy solution to Baltimore City’s tax problem is through vigorous debate. And we know a thriving Baltimore City benefits everyone in the state in terms of higher tax revenue and lower subsidies. Don’t miss the free debate central to the city and state’s future. Sponsorships still available – please contact The Maryland Public Policy Institute at (240) 686-3510. This event is being live streamed, please tune in! Co-sponsors: Arthur-Rupe-hi-compressedUB_Logo_H_BLUEEAGB_NAME.jpgBUDL  Maryland Reporter logo 150 x 150 flag red  6-2015   Ballard logo_small copy



Andrew A. Green

Opinion editor, The Baltimore Sun

Andrew A. Green, the opinion editor, was the city/state editor before coming to the editorial board, and prior to that he covered the State House and Baltimore County government. He writes about state and local government, social issues and elections.


Thu, Sep 24, 2015 | 6:15 pm - Reception, 7 pm - Program

The John and Frances Angelos Law Center - University of Baltimore

1401 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21201


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Louis Miserendino

Director, McMullen Scholars Program, Calvert Hall College High School

Matthew D. Gallagher

President and CEO, Goldseker Foundation

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One Response to “The Baltimore City Property Tax: How much should it be cut?”

  1. Robert Paulsen says:

    I dont know the numbers, but: As much as possible.

    Think of the issue in terms of buying a product. Citizens are paying an exorbitant tax rate for the city (and state) for the simple reason that they own property. I am not OK with this, but even if I was: The schools are terrible, the government is incompetent, the police are corrupt. The services that we are paying for don’t work. So even if one was a fan of higher taxes, we’re not getting our money’s worth by a long shot! What are we buying with our taxes? A broken system. If city services are going to be this bad, then you may as well eliminate the tax entirely.

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